The Goodie-Bag Man…

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“I’ve noticed that poor/economically challenged people have relatively bigger hearts. Two men sharing a plate of ‘daal’ while sitting on the floor will offer you their share of food, but the rich will only offer you their leftovers, once they’re done with their food.
Its not about whether you share your food or not. It’s about how you treat others.

I stop by this poor neighbourhood every day while selling Chinese electronics. The streets are embroiled in congested and narrow lanes, but the hearts are open and giving.
The people may not be able to afford what I sell, but they feed me food. Even without asking, I am given a glass of water, as I walk by.

‘Why do you think so?’

Maybe because these people like me fight for their daily wages, and realise the ordeal I go through everyday just to feed myself and my family”


Shot near Gujranwala, Pakistan

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