Taksim Square…

One of my favourite street photographs from Istanbul is not your typically “expressive” close-up portrait of an individual. Rather, its an ambient photograph of a relaxed couple on the streets of Taksim Square.

I love how the man holds her bag for her, and listens attentively to her while tilting his head with a concerned expression.

Her hair dangle in the breeze, while his sunglasses are neatly decked and camouflaged within his hair.

He “hears her out”, as she “recklessly” looks into the distance, talking, while smoking on cigarette.

She’s just disposed a plastic can of lemonade on the fire hydrants, which almost protrude into the photograph like a spy cam.

The old wooden rectangular frame in the background has an ugly drainpipe wedged in the gap in the wall. Hundreds of stickers have been plastered and removed over the years. Her blue jeans pop out in contrast against what was once a door.

Their knees align in solidarity, seeing face to face.

What seems like the start of a new journey, could also be the end of one. They could be parting ways, or be walking in the same direction.

The world around them doesn’t exist, nor does it matter. The isolation is clear and beautiful.